My Goals-#1 on the List-Spinning

My Goals-#1 on the List-Spinning

So what exactly is spinning. Spinning is an aerobic exercise that takes place on a specially designed stationary bicycle called a spin bike.   As you pedal, an instructor talks you through various cycling workouts. A good instructor will coach you through different outdoor scenarios such as hill climbing. During the class you can vary both your pace and tension on the bike wheel. The higher you have the tension the harder it will be to peddle.

Why do so many people love it. Well spinning offers a great aerobic workout that increases your heart rate and burns lots of calories (425 in 40 minutes). I enjoy spinning as it tones your leg muscles. I find spinning easier to do than alot of other aerobic exercises as regardless of your fitness, you can set your own pace and tension on the bike. Another quality is you stay in one place and doesn't involve alot of coordination.

The only equipment other than the bike are as follows:
A good pair of hard soled shoes.

Several small towels, one for wiping your sweat away and the other for draping over the handlebars so your hands won't slide around.

A water bottle filled with water as your body will require replenishment. Most spinning bikes are equipped with a water bottle holder so you can have it available upon need.

This is not a requirement but an item I would recommend-a heart rate monitor. A good heart rate monitor will provide you info So you can train at the correct intensity for your current level to get to the level you desire. You can take those weaknesses you want to get rid of...and turn them into strengths. New heart monitors are like a coach right there with you.
Wherever you decide to take part in a spinning class, arrive at class five minutes early for your first class. This way you can ask your instructor any questions you might have and help you adjust your bike properly. Make sure you let your instructor know of any problems you might have during the class. Also remember to listen to your body, if the workout is too intense, just pedal more slowly and turn your tension down. This was the tip that I appreciated the most about spinning, I enjoyed the advantage of the class atmosphere but still had the ability to set my own pace. Spinning will keep you in cycling shape all winter and get you ready for those long summer rides. Sports Bras and Apparel Brooks Running Pure Project : Feel more with less.
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