Get Your Bike Ready For Winter

Get Your Bike Ready For Winter

The inevitable is almost here-Winter!  Our days are numbered for rides outside(at least on a road bike). Before putting away your bike that has given you so much enjoyment over the summer,  let's prepare our bike  for winter.  Here are a few tips and recommendations before storing your bike.

After a long summer most bikes accumulate alot of dirt and grime so it  will need cleaning before storing.  You will need to gather a few items before starting-
-Rags and sponges
-Bucket filled with soapy water
-Small Bowl
-Degreasing Solvent
-Chain Lubricant
-Soft Bristle Brush

Start with the Chain

Start by taking your chain off and soaking in Degreasing Solvent for a few minutes.  Remove from the solution and brush to remove and loosen grime.  I repeat this process and soak for another minute or two.  Then remove chain and dry off with a rag.  You will have to be the judge if you need to do this process again.

Next Clean the Derailleur Cage and Pulley Wheel and the Chainrings

Using a brush and a small amount of solvent,  brush the derailleur cage, the derailleur pulley wheel and the chainrings clean. Take extra care not to drip the solvent into the bottom bracket bearings or into the hub.

Using rags or sponges and soapy water, wash your bike and clean off all the accumulated dirt, grime and bugs.  Be careful if you have alot of sand or gravel as you don't want to scratch your frame or paint. Sports Bras and Apparel Brooks Running Pure Project : Feel more with less.
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