Bike Maintenance Schedule

Bike Maintenance Schedule

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My local bike shop published this Bike Maintenance schedule and I have found it very useful, thought you might like it also.

Every Ride
!. Check pressure in tire. Use a tire gauge when available.
2.Check tires for tread cuts.
3. Grab brake levers with force, note any differences between rides.
4. Bounce bike, listening for rattles and odd noises, such as a loose headset.
5. Spin Pedals backwards, note any squeaky or dry chain.
6. Clean/wash if very gritty and dirty.

Every 100 Miles
1. Check chain stretch.
2. Inspect cables for cuts.
3. Clean chain if necessary or dirty.
4. Inspect brake pads for wear.
5. Inspect tires for tread wear, replace as needed.
6. Check for bearing play in wheel hubs.

Every 500 Miles
1. Grab cranks and pull side to side checking for play.
2. Lubricate pivot points.
3. Lubricate brake and shifter cables.
4. Check crank bolts.
5. Full suspension bikes, check swing arm pivot bolts.
6. Inspect frame for cracks or other anomalies.

Every 1000 Miles
1. Inspect rims for wear if using rim calipers.
2. If ridden in muddy and hard conditions, overhaul bearings.
3. Inspect shoe cleats and replace as needed.
4. Remove seat post and clean. Re-grease as appropriate.

Every 3000 Miles
1. Grease bearings of non-cartridge.
2. Remove tires and inspect rim strip.
3. Install new cables and housing, especially shifting systems.
4. Replace cartridge bearings if worn or play is present. Sports Bras and Apparel Brooks Running Pure Project : Feel more with less.
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