Cleaning Your Bike

Keeping your bike clean will go a long way in making sure it gets a healthy life span and increases your enjoyment.  You don’t need to be
a professional mechanic or have a huge choice of tools to perform basic maintenance. The following tips will ensure that your bike and it’s
moving parts will last.

1. Spray a degreaser on a rag and directly onto the chain.  Wrap the rag around the chain on the bottom side of the chain.  Use your thumb
and index finger to hold the rag on the top and bottom of each link.  You want to clean the rollers that sit in the middle of the chain

2.  Rotate the cranks backwards while maintaining a firm grip on the rag. After you have run the chain through a couple of times with
your fingers on the rollers, rotate them to the sides of the chain and continue to turn the crank.

3.  After a few turns, put a cleaner part of the rag on the chain and turn the crank again.  Do this until you see less dirt on your rag.
The object is to not try and get every drop of grime off of the chain but get the most you can.

4.Put the rag on the wheels of the derailer and rotate backwards.
It is necessary to lube the chain regularily.  If you ride in excessively dry conditions, its a good idea to lube the chain at least every
other ride.  If you ride in wet conditions, then you might like to lube after every ride. Its important to run your chain through a rag
to get the most grime off before applying a new coat of lube.

One common mistake is to apply lube to the top or outside of the chain.  Lube the inside edge of the chain where the chain will be in
contact with the cassette.  Lubing the outside of the chain only attracts dirt and grime from your tires and trail.  This will stick to
the chain and then proceed on into the rest of the drivetrain.