Women’s Cycling Groups

Women’s Cycling Groups

Womens cycling groups have begun springing up in record numbers in an attempt to lose the winter pounds that creep on. Cycling is a fabulous form of exercise for the average woman as she can use a great deal of energy while she continue cycling for quite a long period of time, without excessive impact on under exercised joints or experiencing excessive fatigue. The average woman can burn around 1200 calories while out with some girlfriends in the fresh air and having a chat.

Husbands and wives, families and neighbours are seeing the benefits of cycling for their weight loss alternative to other traditional exercise methods. Womens cycling groups are seeing an influx of non professional riders who start out in their old track pants and runners, pop on a helmet and hit the roads. These riders quickly see the weight loss and fitness benefits that can be gained from regular cycling and quickly progress, within months, to purchasing cycling clothing, then upgrading the bicycle and with it purchasing clip on womens cycling shoes.

Starting out riders experience good days and hard days, persevering is the key, and trying to go just a little further on each ride. Unlike a gym, significant and noticeable health benefits can be achieved within a couple of weeks. Team this with a good diet and and womens cycling groups are proving to be battling the bulge.

An added benefit of womens cycling groups is the socialisation and personal time, soemthing women rarely allow themselves to have. Now they get sunshine and free air to boot.

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