Women’s Cycling Shoes and What Makes Them Different

Women’s Cycling Shoes and What Makes Them Different

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The added benefit from increased power that the cyclist achieves from wearing cycling specific shoes is immeasurable. With the engineered design of cycling shoes, through the incorporation of a rigid sole and breathable fabrics, a cyclist will acquire increased speed and power in addition to comfort by wearing these cycling specific shoes.

Finding a correctly fitting cycling shoe can be a tedious selection process but with the specifications that are addressed in women’s cycling shoes, the added value of these shoes will greatly benefit the female cyclist. A few features are standard on most cycling shoes. First, cycling shoes offer either several Velcro straps or buckle straps to secure the shoe in place. Second, a cycling shoe incorporates a rigid sole that is typically made out of plastic which allows for a more efficient method for the cyclist to transfer power from their legs to the pedals of the bike. A feature that is based on the cyclist preferences is the addition of cleats to the rigid sole of the shoe. Cleats allow for the shoe to be attached to the pedal of the bike. This additional feature allows for increased power and speed during the upward portion of the cyclist’s pedal stroke.

Men and women feet have anatomical differences and due to this, woman should ensure that they are purchasing shoes that are specifically designed for the female in mind. Women’s cycling shoes have been designed for the unique anatomy of a woman’s foot in several different aspects. These shoes incorporate a higher arch than a men’s cycling shoe to offer additional support for a woman’s foot. The shoes are typically narrower, addressing the slender nature of a woman’s foot. Women’s cycling shoes have a curved toe area to allow for additional comfort when walking. A narrower heel limits the movement of the heel while in the shoe, which can cause discomfort for the cyclist. Woman’s feet, especially at the heel area, are smaller than a man’s, so this feature is essential for the wellbeing and contentment of a woman during a ride.

There are multiple different varieties of cycling shoes. These are specific to each type of cycling that the rider is participating in. These include touring, mountain biking, spin class and racing. Touring shoes are built for comfort and often, if a cleat is installed, it is very minimal to allow for walking. Mountain biking shoes have a cleat that is designed to allow for the cyclist to quickly clip out of the pedal when on unstable terrain. Spin class shoes have a slightly less rigid sole and offer increase breathability for comfort during an indoor spinning class. Finally, racing shoes are designed for the speed and to be lightweight and breathable.

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