About Cycling Shoes

About Cycling Shoes

Are you looking for a way to add more power and speed to your cycling? Are the arches of your feet exhausted or cramping at the end of a hard ride? An excellent option that will take your cycling to the next level is a pair of cycling shoes.

Cycling shoes may look and feel a little unusual, in particular due to the extremely hard bottom to the shoe, but the benefits that they provide is immeasurable. These shoes are specifically designed to increase the power that is produced from the cyclist’s foot. The increased functionality achieved from these shoes is obtained by creating a sole that is rigid, and through this rigidity, the cyclist can transfer more power from their legs to the pedals of the bicycle. All shoes have a smooth, inflexible sole and typically are lightweight. In addition to this hard bottom, cycling shoes have the option of installing clips or cleats to the sole. Cleats allow for the cyclist to attach themselves to the clip portion of the bicycle pedal. By attaching the shoe to the pedal, the cyclist garners significantly more power, mainly through the ability to exert power while on the upward portion of the cycling pedal stroke. Cycling shoes usually have quick adjusting Velcro straps to secure the shoe on the cyclist foot.

The four main types of cycling shoes are touring, mountain biking, road racing and spin class shoes. Each of these types of shoes are specifically designed to address the unique aspects of each form of the sport. Mountain biking shoes have quick release between the pedal and the cleat, making it easy for the cyclist to release from the pedals when on difficult and unsteady terrain. Touring shoes have a limited size cleat, allowing for more comfort when walking in the shoe. Spinning shoes have a firm sole, not as rigid as other shoes, focused mainly on breathable and lightweight.

Women cycling shoes are different from men’s cycling shoes because they are designed to fit the slimmer nature of a female’s foot. Additionally, women’s cycling shoes have a higher arch and a narrower heel. The front of a woman’s cycling shoe often has a curved toe area to make walking more supportive and comfortable.

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