Get In The Best Cycling Shape Ever!

Get In The Best Cycling Shape Ever!

Get in the best cycling shape ever.  I have found that increasing your core strength will benefit your riding strength immensely.  One of the ways to develop this core strength is working with Kettle Bells and the KettleWorx Program.

What Does "Core" Mean, And Why Is It Important?

"Core" refers to those exercises that strengthen core muscles - the obliques, abdominals, lower back, and the glutes. While people often focus on the fact that a strong core means great looking abs and a better physical appearance, core strength is essential for many activities. The core muscles are largely responsible for posture, balance and maintaining equilibrium through a range of motion. That's important whether you're an athlete or a parent who wants to pick up their child without back strain. A strong core is essential because it reduces the risk of injury, improves athletic ability and makes everyday activities easier - it also results in a body that looks great.

Can I Really Transform My Body In Just Six Weeks?

We guarantee you'll be amazed at the changes you'll see - and feel - after just six weeks. Of course you have to follow the plan. But what makes KettleWorx so effective for so many is that we've designed a plan that anyone can follow. Most people fail other fitness programs because the requirements of those programs are unreasonable. They demand hours of exercise each day and combine that with severe calorie restrictions or strange diets. That combination is all but impossible - and it's unhealthy as well! The KettleWorx program is simple, easy and healthy. You'll see your body transform as a result of reasonable exercise and reasonable diet consistently applied over six weeks. You'll look better, feel better and actually be healthier. Sports Bras and Apparel Brooks Running Pure Project : Feel more with less.
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