Road Bicycles


Road bikes are light, sleek and built for covering mega-miles on smooth pavement, with surprising speed. The tires are thinner than hybrid or mountain styles, which make them faster and somewhat less stable to newer riders. If you haven’t shopped for a road bike in a while, you will be amazed by the advances of the past decade. The biggest benefit to a new road bike is the integrated shifter and brake levers. This revolutionary advancement allows you to change gears and put on the brakes without moving your hands from the brake levers. Road bikes designed for casual and pleasure riding use a triple chainring in the front, with nine cogs on the rear wheel, allowing wider gear ranges for steep hills. Bicycles geared for performance riding and racing usually feature two chainrings up front and nine gears in the rear, because racers require higher gears for competition. The curved handlebars of the road bike offer more hand positions, and a lower, more aerodynamic position than a mountain bike and may take some getting used to. These newer bikes have almost nothing in common with that old 10 speed that might still be down in your basement. The investment in a newer road bike is well worth the investment and will re-invent the world of cycling if you’re trying to re-establish yourself.